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I am passionate about research and writing focused on women's health & empowerment, yoga, social justice, and and global health. I would love meet collaborators with similar interests.

In addition to teaching yoga, I am a freelance writer and a global health research consultant. The majority of my freelance writing projects relate to yoga research, but I also perform the following on a broad range of topics for both academic and non-scholarly audiences: 

  • Global health research consulting

  • Content writing 

  • Ghost writing 

  • Editing 

  • French-to-English translation 

  • Audiobook narration 


My research areas of expertise are qualitative methodology, women's health & empowerment, and social determinants of global health. In the past, I have conducted research on empowerment of Roma migrant women in Marseille for my Masters of Science in Global Health and Population thesis at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. I have also designed and conducted two separate qualitative research studies on wine culture in various parts of the world as a B.S./B.A. student majoring in French and Physiology at Southern Illinois University (published in Journal of Wine Research and Gastronomica).

Additionally, I have provided consultancy services for global health projects funded by USAID, the Institute of Reproductive Health, and Children International. These projects have included: analyzing and academic writing for a French-language qualitative data for a maternal and child nutrition study in DRC (published in Maternal & Child Health); analyzing and report writing for a French-language ethnographic data on perceptions of masculinity in a church-based setting in DRC; designing a formative assessment training for qualitative researchers studying the impact of a substance abuse prevention, sexual health promotion, and life skill development program in Philippines; conducting interviews with country stakeholders on health and nutrition humanitarian-development documents; and conducting a systematic literature review for a social norms advocacy brief. Finally, I'm currently involved in analysis of qualitative research that is studying the impact of yoga in a prison setting.


I'm currently looking for opportunities to become involved in additional research projects. Additionally, I'd love to do a PhD program that involves research on empowerment of pregnant women experiencing health inequities through prenatal yoga and/or doula programs. Please contact me if you are aware of potential dissertation opportunities or if you'd like to connect over similar interests.

Here are a few recent samples of writing focused on yoga research, published on Yoga U Online:

Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma: An Interview with Dr. Gail Parker

Book Review: Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma

The Be Present Where You Are: How Pregnancy Changed My Yoga Practice

The Science of the Third Eye: The Symbolism of the Pineal Gland and its Importance to our Health

Yoga and Your Gut: The Role Digestive Health Plays in the Mind-Body Connection

Yoga's Energy Centers: What Science Says About the Chakras

Yoga Research: Making Yoga Accessible to Marginalized and Minority Populations

Yoga of the Trees: The Art of Shirin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) and How it can Benefit You

Yoga Research: What Do Current Studies Say About Yoga's Impact on Eating Disorders?

The Yoga Bod: Can Yoga Practice Positively Influence Body Image?

And here are highlights from published academic work:

Identification of a novel diagnostic gene expression signature to discriminate uterine leiomyoma from leiomyosarcoma - in Experimental and Molecular Pathology 

Who are the real community health workers in Tshopo Province, Democratic Republic of Congo? - in BMJ Global Health

Transforming masculinities and promoting family planning in faith-based communities: Midline ethnography report - A report with the Institute of Reproductive Health, Georgetown University

Strengthening nutrition services within integrated community case management (iCCM) of childhood illnesses in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Evidence to guide implementation - in Maternal & Child Nutrition

A tale of two cities: Differences in wine-drinking culture in Nice and London - in Gastronomica

Prevalence of mental health disorders in young refugees and asylum seekers in European countries: A systematic review - In European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Unlocking the secrets of the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail - In Journal of Wine Research

A tale of two cities: Differences in wine-drinking habits in Nice and London - In Open SIUC

The science of romantic love - In International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities 


If you would like to see other samples of my work, including content writing, ghost writing, editing, and audiobook narration, please contact me. 

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