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Enjoy my "Prenatal Yoga Through the Chakras" series below. These videos will be accessible for free until June 1st. If you'd like to access my weekly class recordings in the future, please donate/subscribe to my work on Patreon for as little as $3 each month. 

Higher Self Prenatal Yoga + Meditation


Bonus: "The Witness & the River" Guided Meditation

Prenatal Yoga to Awaken the Third Eye


Bonus: Guided Dream Meditation


Prenatal Yoga for the Jaw/Throat


Bonus: Guided Mantra Meditation


Prenatal Heart-Opening Yoga


Bonus: Guided Heart-Opening Meditation


Prenatal Open Twisting Yoga


Prenatal Hip-Opening Yoga


Prenatal Yoga for the Legs & Feet


Bonus: Hidden Valley Guided Meditation


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